Playlist, June 6, 2021. Broadcast 53

The Marilyns, I’m on Acid

Reigning Sound, Lets do it again

The Limes, Handsom

Furry Lewis, Creepers Blues

Jimi Inc., Hardcore UFO’s

Alex Chilton, My Rival

Alluring Strange, When you were mine

Jeffrey Evans and Ross Johnson, Chantilly Rock

The Country Rockers, Driving Nails

I mentioned on the show that I played at a night club last night, The Hi Tone. It was a birthday celebration for Ross Johnson. I’ll get into a conversation about Ross on a future broadcast. Our set was fun and short. It reminded me the 1980’s. There was a sparse crowd, but fun nonetheless, with Jimi Inc, Marcia Claire Clifton, Amy Gassner of The Klitz, and Marilyn Albert hanging out. Marcia and Marilyn went to the Reigning Sound show, where Marilyn for a $20 bill. She could have kept it, instead she bought Krystal burgers and brought them to the club.

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