Playlist, December 12, 2021. Broadcast 78.

Here are the links I talk about on the broadcast. If you are ever in need of a place to relax and go off the grid, Downing Farms is it. In addition to being a beautiful retreat, your host is none other than, Lorette Velvette! On the International scene, I recently discovered Running Punks. They are in Cardiff, UK. I had a great chat with Jimmy Watkins, co-founder of the organization and wanted to share their site. Check them out! Speaking of running, I am running a 1/2 marathon this April in Nashville and I am raising money for St. Jude. I am close to halfway to my goal. Anything you can do to help would be great!

Memphis Weirdos is heard all over the world, every Sunday at 2000 UTC, on WRMI, 15770 kHz

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore Recordings and Michael S. De Mita.

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