Nothing but..

For the longest time, I’ve been getting emails from people who listen to the show, but not on the Sunday broadcast, but at some other time. I reached out to WRMI to see if we could find out when and where the people were listening and they found the phantom show. It was an older episode from when Memphis Weirdos was a :30 minute show on 7780 kHz at 2130 UTC, broadcasted every Saturday. After a brief discussion, they offered to let me keep the time in addition to the Sunday show. So, I am happy to announce that Memphis Weirdos will now have an additional :30 minute show, every Saturday, at 2130 UTC on 7780 kHz. In thinking about what I would do with the :30 minutes, I decided the show would offer music from one artist, per broadcast. The first broadcast will be Saturday, December 18, 2021, and for that broadcast I’ll be playing nothing but.. Limes.

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