Memphis > Elvis fans. Broadcast 97

On this broadcast I give my thoughts about the event surrounding the Memphis airport, Tommy Kha’s art work and Elvis fans. I also play music from Nots, Aquarian Blood, Ibex Clone, Off Peak Arson and Jay Reatard.

Art from Memphis native, Tommy Kha.

May 77 is heard all over the world, every Saturday at 2130 UTC, on WRMI, 7730 kHz

Executive Producers for May 77 are Omnivore Recordings and Michael S. De Mita.

2 thoughts on “Memphis > Elvis fans. Broadcast 97

  1. Currently listening on 15770khz on eton field shortwave radio from Brampton Ontario Canada. Huge country, blues and bluegrass fan.
    Keep on pickin’!
    Take care.


    1. Greetings from Memphis! I am glad you found us! I am on every Sunday at 2000 UTC on 15770 kHz!


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