Playlist, May 15, 2022. Broadcast 104

  • Evil Army, Conquer Human Life
  • His Hero is Gone, Descent
  • Taint Skins, Not Again
  • Negro Terror, Voice of Memphis
  • Gringos, Gringo the Snake Woman
  • Man With Gun, Catshit Jump Out the Window
  • Epoch of Unlight, All Light Dies
  • Nail Driver, Total Dismay
  • His Hero is Gone, Like Hell
  • Gringos, Law of Amputation
  • Man With Gun, Funky Fresh
  • Metro Waste, Gacy’s Theme
  • Taint Skins, Pissed Off + Plan
  • Man With Gun, Ceiling Fan

Memphis Weirdos is heard all over the world, every Sunday at 2000 UTC, on WRMI, 15770 kHz

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore Recordings and Michael S. De Mita.

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My friend Joe kept checking into places on Facebook to see a new band called Negro Terror. Finally I asked him if he liked them and he told me they were great and reminded him of hardcore/punk music from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Joe was around back then, he’d know. I knew the members of the band were Black, but that’s all I knew. Finally a video came out. It was shot at local DIY skatepark, Al Town and not only that, they redid the Skrewdriver song, Voice of Britain with their own lyrics and changing the name to Voice of Memphis. So, we had a Black hardcore band, covering a white supremacist rock band. Only in Memphis. Time gets away from me and no sooner did I see the video, I found out that singer and bass player for Negro Terror was sick and in the hospital. Surely he’d get better. He was young, in a cool band and people loved this dude. They respected him. But sadly, it didn’t happen. He succumbed to his illness on April 18, 2019.

This broadcast is dedicated to the memory of Omar Higgins.

Omar Higgins

Read more about Omar Higgins here.

I recorded this episode at 6AM. And damned if I didn’t forget to play music from Memphis band, Copout. So, I’ll be sure to play them on the other Memphis Weirdos broadcast. Listen every Saturday at 2130 UTC on 7780 kHz for that. So, I am on twice a week, Saturdays and Sundays at 2000 UTC on 15770 kHz.

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