Its about that time again

I talked to the radio station yesterday and we are good to go until the end of July 2022. Between now and then I will go about raising funds to keep Memphis Weirdos on shortwave. Last year, 40+ supporters took Memphis Weirdos from an obscure 30 minute weekly broadcast to an hour long an hour broadcast.

It is still obscure, because Memphis Weirdos is a shortwave radio program.
If I don’t hit the goal, Memphis Weirdos doesn’t broadcast anymore.

This year, I want to expand another 30 minutes. I recently started playing harder music from Memphis, metal, hardcore, etc.. The 30 minutes for that show were given to me from the station to use as I wish, and the Memphis metal scene is robust with talent, so I want to secure the time.

I was able to fund last year through a Kickstarter campaign, so I am going to do that again. Like last year, there will be various means to support Supporters will be rewarded with Memphis Weirdos merchandise. If funded, I am going to have the shirts printed, better shirts and better graphics. I love the look of the original Memphis Weirdos t-shirt and that I screen printed them in my dinning room, but I don’t want to do that again. I am also looking for a few other items to reward with. I will have it all listed when I go live, which should be in about a week. That’s all. I would love to see Memphis Weirdos maintain its shortwave presence and with your help, it will.

Memphis Weirdos is heard all over the world, every Saturday at 2130 UTC on 7730 kHz and every Sunday at 2000 UTC, on WRMI, 15770 kHz

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore Recordings and Michael S. De Mita.

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