Alan Hayes

Alan Hayes passed away this morning after a gallant fight with cancer. He was perhaps best known as a member of Memphis post punk, new wave band, Calculated X. I was just over at his home last year for a visit. An avid biker, we talked about cycling more than music. We swapped merchandise, I left him with some Memphis Weirdos stuff and I left with a Calculated X shirt. To date, I’ve gotten one report for Japan, a man named Hirokazu Mitsumoto. He wrote to tell me his favorite song from a show was 4 Windows, by Calculated X.

I think about letting the sunset on Memphis Weirdos from time to time, then I remember events like that and how happy it made Alan. I hate that he had to deal with cancer at the end of his life. In the same regards, I am glad he is free. Memphis is a better places because of him. I know his family and those closer will miss him. May his memory always be a blessing.

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