Happy birthday, Memphis Weirdos!

Two years ago on this date, Memphis Weirdos hit the air via shortwave for the first time! It was fascinating because I got to hear the transmission in Memphis, which brings up a point. Memphis Weirdos is not curated for a Memphis audience, but rather an international audience.

The first song I played was a Cramps cover by Memphis band, SuperLo, featuring Klitz founding member, Marcia Clifton on drums and vocals. For the first year, the broadcast lasted 30 minutes a week, every Sunday at 2000 UTC on 15770 kHz. It was popular and a year later with a lot of support, I was able to increase the broadcast to an hour.

I’ve sent Memphis Weirdos QSL’s to Japan and all over Europe. I’ve sent a handful to North America. People listen to Memphis Weirdos. We are everywhere. At the end of 2021, I was able to add an additional 30 minutes on 7730 kHz at 2130 UTC, which is dedicated to our local hard rock scene.

I don’t play this music from a historic standpoint, but rather as a fan. There are instances where I site historical facts because I was witness to or involved. But then again, I throw out opinions from time to time, which come off as facts. Its human.

If you are a long time listener and supporter of Memphis Weirdos, then you know I am getting ready for another KickStarter campaign in hopes to secure operating costs for another broadcast year. I will post the link to that when its available. In the meantime, I want to recognize a few entities who went above and beyond to help keep Memphis Weirdos on the air, my Executive Producers, Omnivore Recordings and Mike De Mita. I can’t thank them enough for their support this past year. Memphis Weirdos would not be broadcasting without them. I also want to thank Jeff White and all at WRMI for letting me do this. And I want to thank you for listening. I love the music we make in our city. Regarding popular culture, Memphis is it. Musically speaking, there is not a more influential city in the world than Memphis, Tennessee.


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