Playlist, July 24, 2022.Broadcast 115

  • Lorette Velvette, 20th Century Boy
  • The Mod Saints, Anything I Need
  • Alex Chilton, Hook or Crook
  • Furry Lewis, Black Gypsy Blues
  • The Hellcats, Where the Hell is Memphis
  • Jetty Webb, MIR
  • New Car Smell, Are You Sleepy Yet
  • Big Star, Big Black Car
  • The Satyrs, One Philosophy
  • Young Senior, Hash House Pallor
  • Aquarian Blood, I’m Lit
  • Limes, Old Evil River
  • Greg Hisky, Hangover
  • Jeremy Scott, Turn My Way
  • The Klitz Sister, Looking Glass
  • Nots, Dust Red

Special thanks to Jimi Inc for the Loverly music. Listen to Jimi’s show, A World Away, every Monday night on WYXR at 11PM, CST.

Memphis Weirdos is heard all over the world, every Saturday at 2130 UTC on 7130 kHz and every Sunday at 2000 UTC, on WRMI, 15770 kHz

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore Recordings and Michael S. De Mita.

Listen to Memphis Weirdos

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