Hurricane Ian

As you know, the Memphis Weirdos studio is in Memphis, Tennessee. However, we broadcast from WRMI in south Florida. I got an email from them this morning about the storm and how it affected them.

Last night Hurricane Ian passed through central Florida.  Winds were extremely high, and they caused extensive damage in our antenna field.  The winds are still very strong as I write this (1330 UTC Thursday), and we have not been able to assess the extent of the damage yet.  Electrical power went out at 0200 UTC Thursday and is still out.  The power company, Florida Power and Light, cannot begin to work on power restoration until the winds go down to about 35 miles per hour, and that may not be until later today or tomorrow.  So we are off the air, except for our Internet stream, until further notice. 

So, I don’t know when Memphis Weirdos will return to the air, but I will let you know when I find out. In the same respect, I am glad to know that everyone at the station is OK.

In the meantime, I will likely produce a stream for internet listeners.

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