Playlist, March 12, 2023. Broadcast 144

  • Alluring Strange > When You Were Mine
  • Chris Bell > Get Away
  • Big Star > Feel
  • Calculated X > 4 Windows
  • Ex Cult > Knives on Both Sides
  • The Grundies > San Antonio
  • The Marilyns > I’m on Acid
  • The Marilyns > Die in His Clutches
  • The Marilyns > Quit (Recorded live at the world famous Antenna Club)
  • The Klitz > Hard Up
  • The Klitz Sisters > Drankin’
  • Limes > Sounds Like a Shimmy
  • The Brewers > Too Many Times
  • Harlan T. Bobo > Left Your Door Unlocked
  • Hash Redactor > In the Tank
  • The Hellcats > Where the Hell is Memphis

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore RecordingsMemphis Flavor and Bluff City Tattoo.

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