Playlist, April 2, 2023. Broadcast 146

  • Taint Skins > ODC
  • Taint Skins > Not Again
  • MWGLH > Fresh Coffee Man
  • MWGLH > Cause and Affection
  • MWGLH > Ceiling Fan
  • The Marilyns > I’m on Acid
  • The Marilyns > Back from the Grave
  • The Marilyns > Can’t Put You Down
  • Limes > Allright Tonight
  • Limes > Sounds Like a Shimmy
  • Limes > Merrily
  • Aquarian Blood > I’m Lit
  • Aquarian Blood > Bolted and Embossef
  • Aquarian Blood > Getting Dark Joliet
  • Hash Redactor > In the Tank
  • Hash Redactor > Step 2 Success

Executive Producers for Memphis Weirdos are Omnivore RecordingsMemphis Flavor and Bluff City Tattoo.

4 thoughts on “Playlist, April 2, 2023. Broadcast 146

  1. Hi

    Do you have the Limes Rhinestone River album? The Blue Blood/Tarantula album? If not I’d like to get a copy to you. And hopefully you’ll allow me to request a Limes song sometimes.

    I’m Nicole. Only gal Shawn ever married and had a kiddo with. I’m still his greatest fan.


    1. Hey Nicole, I don’t own any actual Limes albums or CD’s. For the show I need CD’s so I can convert them to mp3’s or I need mp3’s. And heck, I love Limes. I’ll do a whole show of nothing but Limes if you pick the songs! I think it would take 15 or so songs. You can always DM me on Facebook as well.


      1. Nicole C Perugini April 7, 2023 — 7:15 pm

        I didn’t realize this would be viewed publicly- I thought it was an email…
        But hey- I’d love to make a list for ya! And I have a cd 💿 right here for you too. I’m box 111 at mail center. Do you have one I can leave for you there?


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