One night when I was a little boy I was visiting my grandparents and fell asleep on the couch. Later that night and I don’t remember why, I woke up. The lamp across the room was turned on and it was dark outside. I looked around the room, it was all familiar, then I turned my head and looked at the ceiling, and there they were. They kind of looked like shadows and they kind of looked like people. I just stared at them. They moved ever so slightly, they drifted. Even though they didn’t have faces, I could tell they were looking at me. They didn’t make a sound. I don’t remember how old I was. 5? But, I knew right away they were ghosts. I wasn’t frightened, they didn’t seem hurtful. It was as if they’d been there all along. Until that night, I’d never encountered anything like that. Ghosts were a thought in my young mind.

Everything changed that night.

From that night on, I’ve held a fascination with the paranormal and the supernatural. As a result, I’ve been fortunate enough investigate some pretty interesting places, including the Whaley House in San Diego, California, several locations in New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee. The most notable Memphis investigation I went on in Memphis was the Orpheum Theater on Main Street.

Guests made contact with the other side during a recent tour. Matt from Historical Haunts of Memphis was the guide. Photo credit, Bill Webb, Jr.

Everyone loves a good ghost story. And that’s why I am excited to let you know that I am partnering with Historical Haunts of Memphis as a guide. On our trips around the city I will share dark history of Memphis, sometimes unforgivable tragedies and the supernatural. We will make stops at some active paranormal sites and conduct small investigations. There is something going on in Memphis, Tennessee. Is it cursed? I don’t know.

If you’ve ever listened to Memphis Weirdos on WRMI or any of the streams, I’ve talked about my love of Memphis and how influential the city is. I love it here. I am a 5th generation Memphian. The staff at Historical Haunts of Memphis have been diligent in presenting a fun and interesting view of our city and I can endorse it wholeheartedly. Check here for tour updates and how to book your tour with me. Or if you can’t wait and want to explore with another guide, please book your tour today!

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