Memphis Weirdos started as a podcast. I got a handful of interviews recorded then, COVID-19. People weren’t in a hurry to sit down and talk, so I shelved the podcast and focused on the shortwave show. I may get back to it someday. In the meantime, I really like these podcasts Beyond Beale and Back to the Light.

We Never Tuned Our Guitars Beyond Beale

"Couldn't Be Bothered" by the KLiTZ"Shake Me On Down" by the KLiTZThe KLiTZ FaceBook page
  1. We Never Tuned Our Guitars
  2. Beyond Beale Minisode: Punk Was An Attitude
  3. Everybody Has a Place at the Shell
  4. Pretty Much Pure Gospel
  5. Diabolical and Revolutionary

Friend of the Show with James Enck (Turnt, The Long Mynd, A World Away) Back to the Light

Host J.D. Reager talks to musician and radio host James Enck about his personal story of recovery, the intertwined nature of the music and alcohol industries, his predilection for musical "torture," doing a show for WYXR, and more. J.D. also spins "So Disappointing" by James' former band The Long Mynd. 
  1. Friend of the Show with James Enck (Turnt, The Long Mynd, A World Away)
  2. A Pretty Lucky Guy with Jody Stephens (Big Star, Those Pretty Wrongs)
  3. The Lord's Chords with Chris Milam
  4. LIVE from Midtown Con with Joshua McLane (HEELS, South Point Grocery) and Harry Koniditsiotis (The Switchblade Kid, 5 & Dime Recording)
  5. Songs & Stories Part 3 LIVE from The Green Room with Graham Burks (Loose Opinions) and HEELS
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